Things to Know about Cruiser Bicycles

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Ever had a ride on a cruiser bicycle? Well, those that have had the pleasure of getting on one know how it feels. It is not just an experience of riding, but one to savor and it leaves you wanting more. Also known as beach bikes, Cruiser Bicycles are perfect for recreational activities not only in the coastal areas but also on semi-flat surfaces such as the drive around the neighborhood, campus, rural or urban setting.

Cruiser Bike

Cruiser bicycles come in various sizes and colors. Therefore, you are at liberty to choose a bike that fits your choice and preferences. Of course, you could use the bicycle for many purposes including but not limited to pleasure, transportation, and exercise. It is many people’s pre-conceived notion that Cruiser bicycles are mainly designed for women. Despite the fact that there is a broad range of bicycles for men to choose from, beach bicycles cut through both genders.

Whether, you are young, old or somewhere in between, here are some reasons why you might want to get yourself a cruiser bicycle. Check them out:

The ride

If you want to get there fast, you would probably get a racing bike or its equivalent. However, most of the mountain bicycles have been designed for speed and ease and sacrificed on the comfort (which is what everybody looks for in a bicycle). Instead, you could get a cruiser bicycle that comes with a wide seat, coaster brakes, and handlebars that let you recline for comfort and flexibility.

The look

Cruiser bicycles have their unique signature. The frame of the bike is slightly curved to make it stand out from the rest. The first impression that you get after glancing at a cruiser bicycle is the luxury. You could think of them as the Cadillac of bicycles.

The size

Regardless of your size or height, you can get a bicycle that suits your needs. You can select from a wide range of heights, frame type or color. If you are a man who is muscular, you can get one that corresponds to your body size. Women, on the other hand, can a get a cruiser that is optimized for their feminine figure. Kids also have the option to choose from a variety which they can use to carry their friends, groceries or move from home to school.

The community

It is thought that people get a sense of unity by sharing something in common. That something might as well be the cruiser bicycle. There are thousands of cruiser bicycle enthusiasts from every community around the world. When your neighbor just happens to be riding on a cruiser similar to yours, you will obviously converse and share experiences. What better way to bring the world together than with cruiser bicycles?

Initially manufactured in the 1930s, cruiser bicycles have undergone significant advancements and improvement to the sophisticated product that we have today. Cycling has since received a bigger emphasis due to the benefits that the human body gains. Not only does it help your body to strengthen its muscles, but also builds the stamina. Moreover, it is affordable and does not pollute the environment. If you compare it with a car, you will discover that cruiser bicycles are a wallet-friendly, eco-friendly and most of all, fitness-friendly.